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Adrianne spent 20+ years as a clinician in the juvenile mental health field, specializing in complex child trauma, before taking a major shift towards her passion of travel.   She acquired the agency in January 2023 from former owners, Jacek and Betsy, while they explore warmer climates and semi-retirement.   Adrianne has been a consumer of all things travel throughout her life and has been continually inspired by her grandparents’ world travels.  She finds the most joy in sharing the excitement with her clients in planning their trip details and is looking forward to carrying on the integrity and values established by founders, Jacek and Betsy.  


A most memorable meal consists of Adrianne planning a surprise anniversary dinner on top a walled fortress under a full blood moon in Malta.

Memorable Travel Moments:

Favorite Meal:

We are an adventurous family and loved hiking the mountains in Banff, Canada, exploring nearly every inch of Scotland and spending time with the monkeys and parrots in Honduras.

Most Memorable Tour:

I am a bit of a daredevil and I can’t decide which was more thrilling, jumping 855 feet of The Strat hotel in Vegas or zip lining a nearly mile long zip line, superman-style in Costa Rica!

Most Thrilling Adventure:



Jamie was the agency's social media intern before transitioning to a travel advisor, upon graduation.  She holds an associates degree from UWM and has a strong interest in travel with many travel goals she'd like to prioritize checking off her list, her biggest being Bali.  She strives for sustainability in her everyday life and has an interest in ecotourism including responsible and sustainable travel consumption.


My favorite meal was at a small Italian restaurant in Lisbon. I enjoyed fresh bread, a margherita pizza, and a large glass of Sangria.

Memorable Travel Moments:

Favorite Meal:

I took a day trip from Lisbon to the Algarve region of Portugal and got to experience the breathtaking caves of Benagil Beach on an hour and a half boat tour!

Most Memorable Tour:

Parasailing 400 feet above the Gulf of Mexico

Most Thrilling Adventure:

Jacek + Betsy


After Jacek spent 25 years in the travel industry, and Betsy 25 years in real estate, in 2010,  they opened Integrity Travel Services, and took great pride in serving our local community and travel clients from across the country.  Jacek and Betsy sold the agency to Adrianne in January 2023, so they can prioritize time with family and enjoy semi-retirement.  Jacek intends to remain as an independent contractor with Integrity Travel.


On our trip to Greece, we thoroughly enjoyed a delicious seafood feast on the island of Mykenos.  

Memorable Travel Moments:

Favorite Meal:

We were grateful for the opportunity to visit Monsarrat off the Island of Antigua.  Monsarrat was damaged extensively by a volcano in 1997 and we toured  half of the island to view the devastation on this beautiful paradise.

Most Memorable Tour:

Jacek also had the  thrilling experience of landing by helicopter on an Alaskan glacier (on purpose!).

Most Thrilling Adventure:


Our Agency Purpose:

To spark a love of travel and broaden people’s horizons by providing travel services in an environment of honesty, professionalism and full disclosure.

Our Values:

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Professionalism

  • Cooperation

  • Full Disclosure

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